Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Pressure Testing Services

ROC’s newest service line available to our Clients is mobile hydrostatic/pneumatic pressure testing. Our Testing Team has years of diverse industry experience including oil and gas systems, pressure vessels, heat exchanger coils/ systems, petrochemical piping systems containing high alloy steels to name a few.

This service line is the perfect complement to our NBBI ‘R’ stamp program, because this allows ROC to make field repairs, alterations or re-rate Code stamped pressure equipment on location, saving crucial time and money.

Our testing capabilities are wide ranging from 0-15 ksi. and most any volume required. Additionally, ROC’s recording equipment is innovative and accurate. The “in house” designed Chart recorders are unique as they have multiple temperature monitoring and recording circuits, along with the pressure recording circuit. This allows the end user to have one chart with ambient and pipe/test fluid temperature and the pressure. This streamlines the setup process and allows the end user to look at one record to see how variations in weather or temperature affects each test uniquely.

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ROC Service Co. is headquartered in Canonsburg, PA. We currently have district locations in Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas.

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